A Unique Method To Get You Unstuck From The Yelling Habit.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel in control of your life; 

You’re a smart, capable woman, yet you find yourself unable to avoid arguments with your preteen. 

Before you realize it, these disagreements escalate into yelling. 

stop yelling

There Is Hope.....

This is not as bad as you think, you can break the habit.

This is not a life sentence, you don’t have to feel the way that you do now…

I understand it seems overwhelming right now, but I’m going to explain the true source of the yelling. 

You may believe your preteen’s behavior is causing it, but it’s actually originating from your own mind. By addressing this within your brain, you’ll find a way to reduce the yelling.

When you are stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s so easy to lose your cool and yell at your preteen. 

It’s not that you want to yell, but in those moments, it feels like the quickest way to release all that built-up tension. 

The tricky part is, while it might give you some immediate relief, it often leaves you feeling worse afterwards, with guilt and shame. 

The unique method is not about counting from ten backwards, deep breathing or walking away. 

It is about understanding your brain, so you can deal with stress, frustration and overwhelm in healthier way instead of reacting with yelling.

Imagine A Life Where

  • You have smaller arguments with your daughter, doesn’t matter how frustrated you get. 
  • You no longer have parenting disagreements with your spouse. 
  • Feel good about yourself as a mother while teaching your daughter confidence for life.
  • You establish firm boundaries and consequences without sacrificing your relationship with your daughter.
stop yelling

I Stopped Yelling At My Preteen, I Will Help You Get Started

My name is Esther Mbabazi, a podcaster, I help moms who are successful in careers, but what to stop or atleast yell less using brain based methods. 

When I overcame yelling at my daughter, I made it my mission to help other moms who are struggling the same way I did.